About me

Hey, I'm Javier Diaz, I'm a Software Engineer and UI Designer. I live in Mexico City, Mexico with my wife Becky. Currently, I'm a Tech Lead of Developer Squad at Bedu, a Startup focused on break the educative breach in Mexico using technology and education for impulse people growth.

As a tech lead, my primary focus is developing acquisition from the Website, our Headless E-commerce and Checkout Flow using a Jamstack and microservices architecture for a nicely scalability.

I spend my free time playing music, creating videos, and enjoying time with friends and family.

Brief history

I started software development with sill in high school, after being introduced by a friend. My first programs were written using C, Visual Basic and C++. I attend the collage at the Instituto Tecnologico de Lazaro Cardenas (ITLAC) and study the degree in Computer System Engineering.

In 2015, I get my first job in the Port of Lazaro Cardenas (APILAC) as a Web Developer working with Laravel, Vue and other technologies. Here, I obtained the motivation for teamwork and professional development of the teams I worked with and thus achieve to perform as a technical leader and in a future CTO.

In 2017, I travel to Mexico City to work in a Startup called Pulpomatic, a SaaS for fleet management, reduce costs and save time in management tasks. I was working in the migration from a older dashboard using a Monolitic archicture to better approach using services. Same year, I left Pulpomatic to join a Mexico-based digital media publisher called Cultura Colectiva. It publishes content designed to be shared over social media networks targeted at a Latin American audience.

For 2019, I was looking for new challenges and I joined the BEDU team, first as an Mentor in the Web Development Bootcamp and later as a Technical Leader in Software Engineering. Months later, I was invited to collaborate in the creation of a course in Platzi called Advanced Vuejs which I had the pleasure of recording at Platzi HQ in Bogota, Colombia.

Web development

My primary focus as a software engineer is on web development, which I have been doing since the late 2010's. My primary projects were built with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL. Now I work using React, Vue, NextJS, Nest and other modern technologies. Also, I use Figma create the UI interfaces for best collaboration and use TailwindCSS, a utility-first CSS framework designed for rapid UI development.

As a developer I value well written code, that's easy to read, and isn't unnecessarily complex. I don't see automated testing as optional, but rather a key part of writing good code. I appreciate following industry set coding standards. I make a point of continually learning and improving through attending conferences, reading books and blogs, watching screencasts, and following industry experts.