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Hi there, I'm Javier

I work as a Software Engineer creating Jamstack experiences with the combination of technology, business and design.

I’m a Software Engineer a UI Designer based on Mexico City, Mexico with my wife Becky and working as a Tech Lead of Developer Squad at Bedu Education.

Now, I’m learning Flutter to create an application to manage my finances and subscriptions. I stay active writting tweets, taking photos and pushing my codes for you , too I have a passion for share my knownleadge creating libraries and sharing resources.

Actually, I’m creating platforms and applications using the JAMstack architecture for improve performance and scalability.

Brief History

I started software development while still in high school, writing my first programs using Visual BASIC 6 , C and C++. I attend college at the Instituto Tecnologico de Lazaro Cardenas. In 2015, I joined the team at Port of Lazaro Cardenas (APILAC), a government company that manages the facilities and operations in the port terminal. I was working for more than 3 years implementing new technologies within the informaton technology area. In 2017, I travel to Mexico City to start my first job in a Startup called Pulpomatic, a SaSS for fleet management and vehicle operations.

In 2018, I travel to Bogota, Colombia to record the Advanced Vue.js course in the headquarters of Platzi.

Technology Stack

My primary focus as a software engineer is on web development, which I have been doing since late 2010s. My first projects we build with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL. Now, I work using JavaScript how my main language but too I’m creating application using the powerful Go language.

My favorite libraries and frameworks are Vue, React, Nest.js, Next.js, Gatsby and Echo. Actually, I create my web designs using Figma and implementing designs on web using TailwindCSS, a utility-first CSS framework designed to rapid UI development.

Microservices Architecture
JAMstack Architecture


Have I already mentioned I like sharing knowledge? I enjoy teaching and really like to see people growing. In 2017 I joined BEDU a Mexican platform for break the educative breach using Education and Technology. I teach JavaScript, Node and React.
With my wife and friends, BEDU Aniversary 2019

Web Development

As a developer I value well written code, that’s easy to read, and ins’t unnecessarily complex. I appreciate following industry set coding standards. I make a point of continually learning and improving through attending conferences, reading books and blogs, watching screencasts, and following industry experts but too I love to share what I learned.

If you would like me to speak to an upcoming event, please contact me at

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