Hello, my name is

Javier Diaz

I build stuff for the web

I'm a Software Engineer and teacher based on Mexico City, Mexico. I build outstanding, high-quality websites and web applications.

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Currently working as a Tech Lead of Developers Squad at BEDU Education. I mostly do front-end but I also do back-end development.

I have experience working as a freelance and companies (Yeah! Startups too), but I'm ready for visit other cities and work for any development studio.

Now, I'm learning Flutter to create an application to manage my finances and subscriptions. I stay active writting tweets, taking photos and pushing my codes for you.

I also share what I learn at meetups and conferences and sometimes I teach about web development.


My latest experiments uploaded to Dribbble

Open Source

I volunteer in part time creating libraries and sharing resources to help people create web apps and a better world.


A Vue component to create a tiny pagination with flexbox.


A VS Code theme for dark lovers with accessible colors.

VS Code Extensions

A zero-dependency React Hook to show the brand from a card type.