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BEDU Website

This website was released using the power of Jamstack for improve security and performance; and Microservices with GraphQL and Node.

What's Include

  • Own Headless e-Commerce

  • GraphQL API

  • Forestry CMS

  • Stripe Integration

  • Improve Security and Performance

Nice to meet you

Hi there, I'm Javier

My name is Javier Diaz a.k.a Coderdiaz. I’m a Software Engineer and occasional UI designer based on Mexico City, Mexico.

Currently, I’m creating platforms and websites using the Jamstack architecture and working as a Tech Lead of Developers Squad at Bedu Education. I mostly do front-end but I also do back-end development.

Now, I’m learning Flutter to create an application to manage my finances and subscriptions.

I also share what I learn at meetups and conferences and sometimes I teach about web development.

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Javier Diaz
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If you have a website or application idea in mind or you need some advice about software development, feel free to contact me.

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